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John Snowden is a specialist in finding outstanding smaller company investment opportunities. He has been writing for The IRS Report since 1992. Most of his recommended companies are traded on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), but occasionally he will also find opportunities on PLUS and the LSE.

John started his main career nearly 40 years ago at J. Henry Schroder Wagg. Starting at the bottom, John worked his way up, becoming a member of the investment management team. He later got to know Nigel Wray and started writing for the Fleet Street Letter, Britain’s oldest financial newsletter. He started writing for the Penny Share Guide at its inception and was editor for some five years as it grew to become the UK┬Ěs largest subscription newsletter.

During his stint with Fleet Street Publications, he also started the New Issue Share Guide. Other writing credits included editor of Penny Share Focus and an AIM newsletter specialising in smaller companies

John now relies on profits from his investments to supplement his pension income, and has painstakingly acquired the skills to use the data available on the internet, charting tools and so forth. While he is fairly active in trading on the Footsie and in major index companies, his main focus is in searching and finding small company shares capable of delivering big profits to investors over a period of years.

John applies stop-losses to all his recommendations, since long experience has convinced him that taking a small loss often saves you from a much larger loss, especially when investing in smaller companies. His record shows that the big gains on winning stocks far outweigh these small losses, which are simply part of the price you pay to secure those big winners.

With his peripatetic lifestyle including Norway, Surrey and Thailand largely financed by investing, John has become a “silver surfer”, but as subscribers know, his nose for profitable small-cap opportunities remains as sharp as ever.

Even as I start a new life as a pensioner, I remain an avid fan of smaller companies and enjoy reading about the new emerging businesses of today. I still kick myself for abandoning some successful companies too early as one is always tempted by new ideas. There are lots of average and poor businesses out there and I have built up a fairly sensitive antenna over the years creating my own methods of finding good ones.

The recent volatility in the markets creates havoc with my stop losses at times but on balance, good value usually wins the day.

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