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Chris Gilchrist is the editor of The IRS Report and has been since it was launched in 1991. Chris is an experienced investor and has been writing about finance for over 30 years. During this time he has been a lecturer, TV and radio broadcaster and financial commentator. As well as editing The IRS Report, he has also written for many of the national newspapers including The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph and worked on financial programmes for Channel 4, BBC 1 and BBC Radio 4. He is a director of investment advisers Churchill Investments PLC.

Chris researches investment funds including investment trusts, Exchange Traded Funds, covered warrants and structured products, all areas where innovations have created opportunities that few investors understand. Chris has been running his own SIPP for a decade and believes most people can achieve superior results by taking charge of their own pension fund as well as other investments.

The financial services industry in the UK is enormously profitable. It is your money they turn into profits. Charges on most financial products are way too high and – unlike the US – there is no serious price competition. That means it really is important to find value for money. I no longer find many conventional funds that meet this criterion and instead find investment trusts, covered warrants and Exchange Traded Funds more useful.

Investors moving into retirement are today concerned about limiting downside risk and the best way to do this is by applying asset allocation methods to non-correlated investments. I suspect many investors don’t spend enough time on this aspect of portfolio management.

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