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How to choose a China ETF

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Investment Update Vodafone July 2015

Investment Update Vodafone (EPIC: VOD)

Vodafone has issued a positive update for the quarter ended 30th June. Chief executive Vittorio Colao stated that the emerging markets have maintained a strong momentum while more of the European businesses are returning onto the growth track and customer demand for 4G and data is taking off with 24.1 million 4G customers spread across 18 markets. Project Spring is going well and customers are beginning to value the improving service.

As mentioned before, the reintroduction to the portfolio coincided with a spike in the share price but the shares remain good long-term value especially if they can be acquired in the 220p-235p price range.

Reviewed: 06/06/15 Reviewed by: John Snowden
Price then: 251p Price now: 294p
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