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The IRS Report investing newsletter is currently suspended due to the compounded effects of the Covid-19 situation

The IRS Report is the monthly investing newsletter that provides an investing head start through carefully researched thought and comment on a broad spectrum of investments and investment strategies.

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overseas markets and asset allocation and tax planning.

a The simple option strategy that can return up to 5 per cent per month.

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Get an investing head start with the investing newsletter that provides carefully researched thought and comment on a broad spectrum of investments and investment strategies. And it’s delivered to your door every month.

The IRS Report describes investments that strategies that fit with the market. And with your objectives. And through this website subscribers have access to all previous issues, articles and updates on previous investment recommendations.

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The IRS Report investing newsletter is a balanced, thoughtful commentary on investment topics and stocks that we believe are important now.

It offers strategic advice and share selections by highly experienced and successful investors. What it does not offer is news or predictions about short-term market trends.

You can have a 3 month free trial for free! Three months of The IRS Report investing newsletter delivered to your door without obligation for you to evaluate. Plus you have full access to the website archive.

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Information is a commodity in the internet age, and is easily and freely available from many websites. We do not believe you would gain any advantage from us publishing the newsletter only on the internet. For that reason, we still mail out the newsletter though as a subscriber you can access it on this website as soon as it is published.

Very few of our recommendations are critically time-dependent, because we make investment recommendations and do not advocate short-term trading.

We believe you will do better making The IRS Report part of your leisurely weekend reading rather than snatch-reading it as you surf between websites, and designed it to do just that.